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Spinnaker Group Capital Advisors LLC or SGCA is a financial advisory boutique based in Fairfield Connecticut focused on advising lower-and middle-market companies in transition and helping them successfully complete transactions and transitions.


Spinnaker Group Capital Advisors works closely with entrepreneurs, management teams and business owners to answer some of their most complicated questions:

·              I need capital to grow, but from where?

·              Is it time to sell my business?

·              If I merge with my rival, does one plus one equal three or does it equal less than two?

·              I know that I need to start thinking about some estate planning, but my biggest asset, by far, is my business. What can I do?

·              None of my children want to take over the family business as I had hoped, so what should I do?

Please explore our new site and learn more about SGCA’s services and track record.  We are confident that we can help.

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1860 Burr Street, Suite 2-G

Fairfield, CT 06824

Ph: (203) 292-3971

Fax: (203) 286-1183