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Middle Market Focus

While no two engagements are the same, SGCA's clients typically have the following characteristics:

  • $10 million to $50 million in transaction size
  • Earnings positive
  • Owner operated / managed
  • Facing a transition because of growth opportunities, market forces, succession planning, or owner liquidity needs.

In this age of mega-mergers and transactions which rely on financial engineering, middle marketing investors and buyers look to differentiate and create sustainable value through:

·        Growth with new customers and markets

·        Experience (going beyond their check book)

·        Additional credibility in the capital markets

·        Access to high-caliber management talent

·        Introduction of new products and services

·        Increased operational efficiency

·        Leveraging the experiences and relationships of other portfolio companies

SGCA leverages its experience in the middle market to effectively and efficiently communicate our clients’ value proposition to these unique investors and buyers.


About UsOur expertise lies in our ability to help business owners handle the complexities of middle market transactions



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